Shadowing Opportunities

Students planning on doing a Shadowing Capstone, but who have not yet located a possible mentor, may find these resources helpful in your search. We will add to this list as we find more helpful sites.

Please note:
1. These sources are not exhaustive. There are many physicians and other professionals in this area who are not listed here. A complete search will still require you to go through the phone book, internet search sites, etc. Non-clinical professionals are not typically listed together, finding them will require some leg work and including discussions with your professors to get some hints.
2. These are simply publicly available lists of local professionals, they are  NOT lists of people who have agreed to take Capstone students, or people who have affiliation with or are recommended by Marshall University. You will still have to contact them and inquire about their willingness to take you, and try to find a match that works for you.


St. Mary’s Hospital Physicians Directory
Cabell Huntington Hospital Physicians Directory
King’s Daughters Physicians Directory


West Virginia

Dentists: Search Engine


West Virginia Board of Optometry
Ohio Optometric Association
Kentucky Optometric Association