Mandatory Safety Training for Laboratory Courses

The Department of Chemistry requires all students in laboratory courses to have some basic safety training before they are permitted to work in the laboratory.

You MUST complete this training before the second meeting of the laboratory course or you will not be allowed to perform the experiment. You will not be permitted to make up any labs you miss due to your failure to complete the safety training.

The training is available online. You will have to complete the online module and pass the safety quiz before the second meeting of the class.

The instructions for logging into the online training are:

  • Enter your MUID number (the one that starts with 901 and with no dashes or spaces) as the MU ID (for example: 901111333).
    Your initial PIN is your birth date as a six-digit number. For instance if your birth date is February 12, 1980, your initial password will be 021280.

    Note: If you have already changed your password in myMU or MILO you will need to use that password instead. You have a single password for myMU, MILO, and MUOnline.

  • Once you have logged in you will be in your My MUOnline home area.
    This will list all the courses you are registered for that have a MUOnline component.
  • Click on your lab course and you should see the Online Safety Learning module.
    Select this module and follow instructions.

    Note: If you are registered for more than one course you will only need to complete the safety training once per academic year for CHM 217/218 or for CHM 300+ courses.

  • When you click on the Online Safety Learning module you should see the training materials.
    • Be sure to notice that on the first page of the course there is a form that you must download, fill out, sign, and turn in.
    • If you wish to wear contact lenses in the lab (we strongly advise against doing this) you must download, fill out, sign, and turn in the waiver form; and you must have someone sign the form as a witness.
    • The Safety Quiz is the last item in the outline.