Faculty Testimonial

The Computer and Information Technology major is a natural draw to many students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and in particular, our Game Development area of emphasis. Because of this, there are times when I will have multiple students in the same class with ASD. Each of these students brings their own unique personalities to a class, including strengths and challenges. A professor has to be willing to work with these students and their uniqueness if the student is going to be successful. Some professors will not take the time to make differences in how they approach students with ASD in fear that they will disrupt the rest of the class. My classes are proof that if a professor takes the time to work toward the individuality of those with ASD while maintaining good classroom control, that every student in the course can be successful. Admittedly, it took some time to be able to do this successfully and I have had to learn to change my teaching style to accommodate everyone, and I am glad that I have done so.
Brian Morgan, Chair & Professor, Computer and Information Technology Department

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