Expedited Graduate Admissions Policy

The Graduate Council approved an Expedited Graduate Admissions Policy on April 21, 2023.


To participate, a program must have objective admissions criteria that the Graduate Admissions office can evaluate. Examples of objective credentials include GPA and exam score requirements, and having a undergraduate degree in a particular field. Examples of requirements the Graduate Admissions office cannot evaluate include personal statements and letters of recommendation.

Expedited Admissions Process

For programs that opt in, Graduate Admissions will verify whether each applicant meets the objective admissions criteria for a program. If so, the Admissions office will immediately accept the student and send the application packet to the department, but will not send a credential sheet.

If an applicant does not meet the admissions criteria, or if this is unclear, the Graduate Admissions office will send the application packet and a credential sheet to the department.  The department will be able to review all students who do not clearly meet the requirements in the same way they currently do.

How to opt in

To opt in, the program director will contact their Dean. The Dean, if supportive, will send an email to Graduate Admissions (graduateadmissions@marshall.edu) and the chair of Graduate Council (Scott Davis, davis1090@marshall.edu) stating the program wishes to opt in. Each program must opt in separately, and programs that do not opt in will not be affected by this proposed procedure.

List of Programs by College that have Elected to Opt-In:

College of Arts and Media

College of Business (Lewis College)

  • GB90 – MS, Accountancy
  • GB20 – MS, Healthcare Administration
  • GB70 – MS, Human Resource Management
  • GB10 – MBA
  • GBF0 – MS, Sports Administration
  • GBD0 – MS, Information Systems
  • GBB0 – MS, Health Informatics

College of Education and Professional Development

College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

  • GT60 – MS, Computer Science (Pending)
  • GT70 – MSE, Engineering Management
  • GTA0 – MSME, Mechanical Engineering (Pending)
  • GTB0 – MSEE, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Pending)
  • GTC0 – MS, Cybersecurity (Pending)
  • GTD0 – MS, Data Science (Pending)
  • GTE0 – MSE, Civil and Environmental Engineering

College of Health Professions

  • GH10 – Masters in Nursing (FNP, Nursing Admin, Nursing Education, Midwifery, and PMHNP)
  • GH30 – Dietetics

College of Liberal Arts

  • GL50 – MA Geography
  • GLB0 – MA, Sociology

College of Science

  • GS40 – MA, Mathematics
  • GS60 – Physical and Applied Science
  • GS70 – MS, Criminal Justice
  • GS80 – Physics
  • GS90 – Cyber Forensics & Security

School of Medicine (Joan C. Edwards)

School of Pharmacy