Director’s Greetings

Luke Eric Lassiter

Dr. Luke Eric Lassiter

Director of the Graduate Humanities Program
Professor of Humanities and Anthropology

304-746-1923 /

Welcome to the Graduate Humanities Program website!

Our program provides students from a wide range of backgrounds the opportunity to explore the interdisciplinary intersections of the arts, historical, cultural and literary studies within an open, exploratory, and experimental graduate-level educational environment. Building on an interdisciplinary core of courses, the degree program encourages students to develop a plan of study that meets individual educational goals. Our courses are also open to lifelong learners and professionals in all fields who want to broaden their understanding of the arts, historical, cultural and literary studies.

Our Program has long focused on project-based, community-university collaborative research and engagement.  As a part of a focus on applied and public humanities, students are often involved in research and creative endeavors with community partners, which often lead to further opportunities for engagement and application.

I hope you’ll consider taking any number of our graduate seminar courses, or even applying to our MA in Humanities or Graduate Certificate in Appalachian Studies.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions about our Program.