Residency Requirement

Important Notice

Marshall University Housing and Residence Life consists of the following Residence Halls: Buskirk, Gibson, Haymaker, Wellman, Willis, Twin Towers East, Twin Towers West, Freshman North, Freshman South, and The Landing (graduate housing only). Off-campus apartment complexes and residential options not specifically listed above are not part of Marshall University and do not meet the University’s Freshman and Sophomore residency requirement.  Marshall University has a 2 year (freshman and sophomore) residency requirement. Signing a lease off campus does not exempt a student from the requirement.

More information on the Residency Requirement

Commute Release

  • You must live at the home (permanent residence) of a parent or court appointed legal guardian. This information should match where you graduated from high school and the address that you applied to the university from.
  • Living in an apartment is not acceptable. Do Not sign any leases.
  • If it comes to our attention that you are living in an apartment, this is a violation of the student code of conduct, and you will be referred to Student Affairs for the university judicial process.

Financial Release

  • These releases will not be reviewed for fall until May or June when updated information is received after grades post. This is when financial aid eligibility is determined.
  • Financial Releases are only granted in extreme circumstances. All available aid including loans are considered when reviewing this type of release.
  • Do Not Sign A Lease until you have a letter from Housing and Residence Life approving a release.

Medical Release

  • These releases are only granted if we are unable to provide accommodations to meet your needs. We can accommodate the majority of medical needs.
  • Medical forms will be submitted to Stephanie Ballou in the Office of Disability Services for review.
  • Do Not Sign A Lease until you have a letter from Housing and Residence Life approving a release.

Release Request Forms


Where to Send My Release Request

For Commute and Miscellaneous Releases, click the the corresponding above link to complete the online form.  For Financial and Medical Releases, click the corresponding link to download the form and submit in one of three ways:

  • Email to
    • When attaching your forms or documentation on a mobile device, please select large or original size.
  • Mail to:
    Marshall University Housing and Residence Life
    One John Marshall Drive
    Holderby Hall
    Huntington, WV, 25755