Residency Requirement

Important Notice

Marshall University Housing and Residence Life consists of the following Residence Halls: Buskirk, Gibson, Haymaker, Wellman, Willis, Twin Towers East, Twin Towers West, Freshman North, Freshman South and Fairfield Landing (graduate housing only). Off-campus apartment complexes and residential options not specifically listed above are not part of Marshall University and do not meet the University’s Freshman and Sophomore residency requirement.
Marshall University has a 2 year (freshman and sophomore) residency requirement. Signing a lease off campus does not exempt a student from the requirement.

Commute Release

  • You must live at home (permanent residence) of a parent or court appointed legal guardian. This information should match where you graduated from high school and the address that you applied to the university from.
  • Living in an apartment is not acceptable. Do Not sign any leases.
  • If it comes to our attention that you are living in an apartment, this is a violation of the student code of conduct, you will be referred to Student Affairs for the university judicial process.

Financial Release

  • These releases will not be reviewed for fall until May or June when updated information is received after grades post. This is when financial aid eligibility is determined.
  • Financial Releases are only granted in extreme circumstances. All available aid including loans are considered when reviewing this type of release.
  • Do Not Sign A Lease until you have a letter from Housing and Residence Life approving a release.

Medical Release

  • These releases are only granted if we are unable to provide accommodations to meet your needs. We can accommodate the majority of medical needs.
  • Medical forms will be submitted to Stephanie Ballou in Disability Services for review.
  • Do Not Sign A Lease until you have a letter from Housing and Residence Life approving a release.

Where to Send My Release Request

You can send your Release Request in one of three ways:

  • Mail to:
    Marshall University Housing and Residence Life
    One John Marshall Drive
    Holderby Hall
    Huntington, WV, 25755
  • Email to
    • When attaching your forms or documentation on a mobile device, please select large or original size
  • Fax to 304-696-6161
    • If sending a commute request, please make a black and white copy of Driver’s License(s) and be sure you can read all on that copy information prior to sending.

Release Request Forms

More information on the Residency Requirement