First Year Experience

First Year Experience

You have chosen Marshall University for a variety of reasons, however, the one common theme is that you want to be successful.  The First-Year Experience program at Marshall University is designed for your success.

A preponderance of evidence supports the assertion that success in college is strongly influenced and determined by experiences students encounter during their first year of college (Upcraft, Gardner, & Barefoot, 2004).

Our FYE is a collaboration between Housing and Residence Life and FY Halls that encompasses programs and activities that incorporate developing good study skills and habits, assistance with establishing a strong GPA, declaring a major, developing relationships with faculty and university staff, and having an overall positive college experience.

The First Year Experience at Marshall University is intended and designed to be the cornerstone upon which each first‐year students’ university & residential experience is built. Designed to facilitate student learning and academic success by providing our first‐year students with a supportive, caring environment, and enhance the first‐year of college through various initiatives and programs and have a positive impact on:

  • retention graduation rates
  • students’ transition to MU
  • transition to the sophomore year
  • connections to faculty & academic resources
  • preparation for students’ post‐College experiences
  • developing skills such as individual, physical, and emotional wellness, stress management, and other life skills

We invite you to come be a part of the amazing world of learning and academic success taking place on campus at Marshall!

Success Academically: FYE will help you find academic support, faculty mentoring and additional resources for your academic success.  FYE will connect you with faculty and other students who have similar interests, values and goals to form study groups and create an open forum for discussions.

Success Socially: FYE will ease your transition to Marshall by introducing you to the many organizations and opportunities available on campus.  You will be exposed to opportunities to participate in such programs as Student Government, the Honors Program, Greek Life, Athletics, environmentalism, community service, and any of the more than 192 student organizations on campus.

Success Culturally: The FYE program is most successful when you live on campus.  It affords you the opportunity to live with those from other sections of the state, regions of the country and nations of the world.  The FYE program helps you to learn to become a more global citizen, to understand other students’ motivation, other cultures, and to expand your opportunities for interactions with other students.


The First-Year Experience has proven to cultivate a higher retention rate among first-year students, and has made the overall experience as a Marshall University student more rewarding and fulfilling.  The First-Year Experience program will help you balance your time between the classroom and having an active social life.  You will learn about making good choices for your health, mind and your spirit.  Your First-Year Experience and living in the residence halls at Marshall will create memories that last a lifetime and build a solid foundation for your future.