What information do I submit?

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All human subject research is submitted via the IRBNet online submission program. The study should be submitted to the appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB):

  • Applications for medical/biological research should be submitted to IRB #1.
  • Applications for social/behavioral research should be submitted to IRB #2.
  • Applications for medical/biological studies that have been approved under a central IRB should be submitted to IRB #1 (see Standard Operating Procedures Manual,┬áchapter five).

The following must be submitted with the Protocol Application Form:

  • Protocol
  • Abstract (Lay summary)
  • CITI Educational Course Certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae and/or Resume for Each Investigator
  • Informed Consent(s)
  • Child Assent (If Applicable)
  • Waiver of Informed Consent/HIPAA Waiver (If Applicable)
  • Survey/Interview Questions (If Applicable)
  • Recruitment Materials (If Applicable)
  • Initial Protocol Assessment Form (For Full Board Initial Studies Only)
  • Expedited Protocol Assessment Form (For Expedited Studies)
  • Permission Letter(s) From Schools or Businesses (If Applicable)

If you are not sure if a study qualifies as human subject research then you should submit an abstract to the Office of Research Integrity for a determination.