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When do I need to ask for a review?

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All research involving the use of human subjects subject to the Marshall University Human Research Protection Program MUST be submitted to an Institutional Review Board (IRB) designated by Marshall University for review and approval PRIOR to initiation of the project.

When there is any doubt as to whether or not a study could qualify as human subject research, you should submit an abstract to the Office of Research Integrity for an IRB chairman or the director to review and make a determination. This abstract must be written in lay terms, should be 1-2 pages max, and should include the following information:

  • The purpose of the research;
  • The scientific or scholarly rationale;
  • The procedures to be performed;
  • A description of what procedures were being performed already for diagnostic or treatment purposes (if applicable);
  • The risks and potential benefits of the research; and
  • Complete inclusion/exclusion criteria (this can be submitted separately if extensive).

The abstract can be mailed, hand delivered or e-mailed to the Office of Research Integrity (ORI). The ORI contact information is:

Office of Research Integrity
Weisburg Applied Engineering Building – Rm 4211

Once a determination has been made, the ORI will contact you to communicate the decision.

Thesis/Dissertation Abstracts may be submitted to Bruce Day, Director of the Office of Research Integrity, for a determination as to whether or not it is human subject research. If the thesis is deemed to be human subject research, then you will be directed to the appropriate IRB coordinator for assistance. If the thesis is deemed not to be human subject research then you will be provided a letter stating that determination.