Under certain circumstances and with appropriate approvals, donations of University property may be approved to qualifying organizations.  Property that may be donated is limited to items that are no longer needed or wanted by any campus department, and that have a fair market value (potential selling price) that is below the estimated selling expenses (advertising, transporting, storing, etc.) or the estimated cost of disposal. Donations of property must be approved by Receiving Department Manager and Business Clerk before they become available for donation.

For donations of property, a qualifying organization includes educational facilities, non-profit organizations, juvenile detention centers, municipal and county offices, or other public, charitable or educational enterprises.

The donations will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and all donations are required to have the appropriate official from the receiving organization sign the Receipt and Waiver Form.

Qualifying organizations interested in being eligible to receive donations of property can contact the Facilities & Operations office at 304-696-6681.

Once a qualifying organization is awarded a donation, the organization is responsible for arranging a transfer time with the MU property representative and for transporting the property donated.