Professional Healthcare Studies

Preparing for Healthcare Professions

Marshall University has two colleges ready to help students prepare for professional healthcare programs. The College of Science Office of Student Services and the College of Health Professions Office of Student Services will assist students with class selection based on your ACT/SAT scores, Advance Placement classes, and professional goals. Our advisors help students coordinate their efforts, including selecting a major that includes prequisites for their chosen field, to prepare them to apply to a professional healthcare program, such as:

Snapshot of a Professional Healthcare Student

Rules dictating who will be admitted to professional schools vary according to the field, school, and competitiveness. While there is not a certain combination of classes and scores that will guarantee admission, there are a number of traits that improve a student’s chances of getting into a healthcare program.

While in high school, a prospective professional healthcare student should…

Achieve ACT Composite and Mathematics scores of 21 or higher (SAT 500 or higher)
Complete a strong high school course of study in the sciences
Possesses a strong sense of commitment and work ethic – high school honors is just the start

As an undergraduate student, a professional healthcare student should…

Complete a science-based college curriculum with a 3.4 or above GPA, preferably 3.8 or above
Prepare for and take the relevant professional exam – GRE, MCAT, PCAT, DAT, OAT, etc.
Develop practical in-field experience through shadowing, volunteering or research opportunities


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Learn through Marshall University’s Pre-Professional Healthcare Programs

The College of Science and the College of Health Professions provide academic programs and other students looking to prepare for a professional career in the health sciences.

College of Health Professions
College of Health Professions

COHP supports students in the exploration and development of health-related career goals. The College of Health Professions is home to departments of Kinesiology, Health Sciences, Nursing, and more.

Professional advisors who will guide you through completion of your plan of study and toward your professional career goal. They seek to support students in the exploration and development of educational and health related career goals while promoting student responsibility in the decision making process.

The College of Health Professions offers the following majors:

College of Science
College of Science

Cutting edge curriculum and dedicated pre-professional advising supports students in developing a strong foundation for future growth in medicine, pharmacy, and other healthcare fields.

Home to departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and more – the College of Science provides academic programs and resources to students preparing for a professional career in healthcare. Students are advised about multiple career pathways, helping students with a range of abilities become accepted to a professional healthcare program.

The College of Science offers the following majors:



Ready to Get Started?

Seeking admission to a professional program can be a difficult process with lots of variables. The Pre-Professional Healthcare Advisors can assist you with your preparation and choices. You may speak to the advisors at any time if you need help or have specific questions.

College of Health Professions Advisors
Sharon Peters

Sharon Peters
Academic Advisor
College of Health Professions

Office: Prichard Hall 222
Phone: 304-696-5270


Dean Crawford

Dean Crawford
Program Manager
College of Health Professions

Phone: 304-696-2620


Gary McIlvain

Gary McIlvain
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
School of Kinesiology Department Chair

Office: Gullickson Hall 112
Phone: 304-696-2930

College of Science Advisors
Sara Simpson

Sara Simpson
Program Manager & Academic Advisor
College of Science Student Services

Office: Science Building 213
Phone: 304-696-3475


Tricia Agnello
Student Services Specialist
College of Science Student Services

Office: Science Building 272
Phone: 304-696-3476


Paige Kennedy
Academic Advisor
College of Science Student Services

Office: Science Building 214
Phone: 304-696-2327


Anna Mummert
Associate Dean
College of Science

Office: Science Building 270
Phone: 304-696-3041