Q: What does SGA actually do? Isn’t it like high school where the members are just sort-of “figureheads”?

A: Not at all!

  • First, the Student Senate gives out approximately $25,000 per year to the various student groups at Marshall; each group is eligible for up to $750 per year for their project, event, conference, etc.
  • The Senate appoints its members to serve on the Marshall University Faculty Senate committees. Through these committees, student members have a voice (and a vote) to influence policy on Marshall’s campus.
  • The Student Body President is required to serve on many committees which make decisions crucial to students like the Strategic Enrollment Planning Committee, which develops programs to engage and retain our top-notch student body.
  • The Student Body President also serves on the Marshall University Alumni Association Board of Directors, acting as the voice for current students, (future and recent alumni, providing input as to how to get our generation involved with giving back.
  • The Student Body President also is the only student representative on the Marshall University Board of Governors, which is the superior governance body of Marshall University. All major decisions made by Marshall University must be approved by the Board of Governors.
  • Finally, the Student Body President and Vice President frequently meet with President Brad D. Smith and his staff to discuss matters that relate to the student’s perspective on campus. This communication fosters a better relationship between the Student Body President and the University President, which in turn improves your student life experience.

Q: Who is eligible to get involved with SGA? Do you have to be asked to join?

A: Absolutely not, everyone at Marshall is able to get involved! The only requirements are that you are

  1. A Full-time Student
  2. Maintain a Cumulative GPA of 2.75

In addition:

Q: How often does the Senate meet? Are the meetings closed?

A: The Senate meets every Tuesday at 4 p.m. Most times the Senate meets in the Shawkey Dining Room, upstairs in the Memorial Student Center, but sometimes the meeting location changes. Please contact sga@marshall.edu for the most accurate information. The meetings are always open to the public, and every meeting ends with an open forum (“Concerns of the Student Body”) where anyone can address the Senate freely.

Q: How does one become a part of the Executive Branch (Office of the Student Body President)?

A: Each President picks his or her own cabinet, and may have as few or many positions as he or she chooses. Many of these cabinet picks are experienced Student Senators.

Q: Where can I find my SGA representatives on campus? 

A: The SGA has its own offices, complete with a sitting area and conference table, upstairs of the Memorial Student Center in 2W24. The offices there are held by the Student Body President and his or her cabinet members, as well as the President Pro-Tempore of the Senate. You might also see some of the Student Senators, who must complete 20 office hours per semester as a requirement of their position.