The Student Senate of Marshall University is currently in Session 74.

The Student Senate meets every Tuesday at 4:00 pm.

Our Senate is comprised of three standing committees: Finance, Judiciary, and Campus Life & Service committee.

The Finance Committee reviews funding bills and the SGA budget. It is under the leadership of Senate Treasurer Eli Duduit.
The Judiciary Committee interviews all new Senate Apprentice applicants, Senate applicants; they also review judicial and constitutional issues. The Judiciary Committee is led by Senate Parliamentarian Ethan Higginbotham.
The Campus Life & Service committee handles all community service and campus improvement initiatives. Our chairwoman is Sophia Mills.

Other officers include Nick Uliana, who directs the Senate Apprenticeship Program; Mya Linden, our historian who keeps minutes of our Senate meetings; and Akeem Curenton, our Sergeant-At-Arms who delivers the convocation and maintains order at Senate meetings. 

A list of your college’s Senators will become available at the beginning of the fall semester. Please use this list in case you have any college-specific questions. 

For more information, please contact Senate President, Emily Kinner, or President Pro-Tempore, Alex O’Donnell.