The Student Senate of Marshall University is currently in Session 76.

The Student Senate meets every Tuesday at 4:00 pm.

Our Senate is comprised of three standing committees: Finance, Judiciary, and Campus Life & Service committee.

  • The Finance Committee reviews funding bills and the SGA budget. It is under the leadership of Senate Treasurer Brian Stein.
  • The Judiciary Committee interviews all new Senate Apprentice applicants, Senate applicants; they also review judicial and constitutional issues. The Judiciary Committee is led by Senate Parliamentarian Jo Tremmel.
  • The Campus Life & Service committee handles all community service and campus improvement initiatives. Our chairwoman is Maddy Parker.
  • Other officers include Darby McCloud, who directs the Senate Apprenticeship Program; Madison Davis, our historian who keeps minutes of our Senate meetings; and James Prentice, our Sergeant-At-Arms who delivers the convocation and maintains order at Senate meetings.

A list of your college’s Senators will become available at the beginning of the fall semester. Please use this list in case you have any college-specific questions. 

For more information, please contact President of the Senate Hannah Petracca or President Pro-Tempore Noelle Soares.