First Year Apprenticeship Program

To our incoming, first semester freshmen, we want to offer you your first foray into the excitement of collegiate-level student government: the Senate Apprentice Program. Below are some common questions about the program. Further below is the application for the program.

What is the Senate Apprentice Program?

A program designed to give first-time freshmen skills needed to be successful in our Student Senate. Apprentices will develop their knowledge of Roberts Rules, legislation-writing/debate, and the inner workings of the Marshall University administration. They will also be given the opportunity to shadow full-time Senators and see how the Student Senate works.

Whom is this program for?

This program is designed for first-time, first or second semester freshmen. However, all other students are encouraged to apply to be a Senator, and the Senate Apprentice curriculum will be uploaded to the SGA website during the fall semester.

What will I do in the program?

The program is divided into three aspects –

  • Mentorship – each apprentice will be paired with an experienced Senator. The mentor and apprentice will attend Senate meetings together with the mentor providing guidance during the meetings. Additionally, the mentor will encourage the apprentice to learn about student government and to become involved on- and off-campus.
  • Leadership – each apprentice will become knowledgeable in student government through self-guided modules. These can be completed at any time, and it will give the apprentices additional information that will be useful in student government.
  • Senate Socialization Events – each apprentice will be required to attend all student government socialization events when scheduled. These are excellent opportunities to learn from older members about their roles and responsibilities and to network among your peers.

How long is the program?

Here is a timeline for the Fall 2023 Apprenticeship Program-More information to come for the fall 2023 application process

  • Brief interviews –  the first week after receiving applications
  • First Senate Apprentice meeting – the meeting following your interview
  • Senate meetings every Tuesday at 4:00 pm, committee meetings start at 3:20 pm

Upon review of the Judiciary Committee at the end of their tenure as an Apprentice, they will be given preference for full Senate membership in their second semester.

Fall 2023-Apprentice Application