Club Funding Terms and Conditions

Funding Terms and Conditions

Chair: Connor Waller

Co-Chair: Brea Belville

Deadline for funding application submission (2023-2024 year):

Fall 2023: November 10, 2023(or while funding lasts)

Student organizations may obtain funding once a semester, with a limit of $750.00 per fiscal year. Applications for awards are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. Applications must be submitted by the funding application deadline dates listed above.  These applications are carefully reviewed because the State of West Virginia funds the Student Government Association. Student Organizations must be registered on HerdLink and have their most recent FEIN and W9.


No Senate Funding Bill will be debated on if their FEIN and W-9 are not attached to the application process.


Completion of the funding application does not guarantee financial support. Statements within this application pertaining to the approval process are for reference only. By filing this application, you and your organization release the Student Government Association and Marshall University from any liability, monetary or other, incurred directly or indirectly relating to the project for which funding is requested. All the requirements listed below must be met before application consideration.


Limitations of Funding

  • The Student Government Association can fund organizations for supplies to make food or to purchase food from Sodexo. (Will not fund food for events where alcohol is present.)
  • Senators that are on the Senate Finance Committee and are involved in a funding request for a student organization must abstain from voting on funding bills related to any organization in which they are an active member.
  • Organizations must attend both Senate Finance Committee and full Senate meetings where the bill is discussed to receive funding.


Requirements of Funded Organizations

  • Organizations seeking Student Government funding must be completely registered and up to date on HerdLink.
  • Final Funding Report: Funded student organizations must submit a Final Funding Report that details the purchases made with the allocated funds. A Final Funding Report must be completed prior to the organization applying for funding again.
  • Display of Student Government Association Sponsorship: Each organization funded by the Student Government Association must display the SGA logo or appropriate proof of sponsorship on all marketing materials, t-shirts, or banners.  Proof of the displayed sponsorship will be required in the Final Funding Report.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in funding suspensions for up to one fiscal period as voted upon by the senate of the student government association


Application Supplements Necessary to Receive Funding

  • IRS Tax Letter (uploaded to HerdLink)
  • W-9 Form (uploaded to HerdLink)

If your organization does not have a FEIN, it can be found at the IRS website or by calling the specialty tax number, 1‐800‐829‐4933. An organization’s W-9 form must be filled out correctly to receive funding. This includes:

  1. Accurate name of organization on W-9 Form (matching the name on the letter your organization received from the IRS.)
  1. Appropriate box checked for federal tax classification (check the “other” box and type “Non-Profit Student Organization” into the box)
  1. Correct Fein
  2. Signature in ink – do not copy.
  • An itemized budget must be uploaded with all funding applications.


For Organizations Requesting Funds for Travel

  • Provide proof of valid driver’s license for all people who may be driving to, from or during the event


Any questions or concerns regarding funding may be addressed by the  President Pro-Tempore or Senate Treasurer