Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets regularly on Tuesdays at 3:25PM in the SGA Office.

The Finance Committee is led by Senate Treasurer Kaitlyn McClure.

The Finance Committee debates all funding bills that are presented to the Student Senate. If your organization applies for funding, your organization will have to present your application to the committee, allowing them to ask pertinent questions relating to your package. All funding bills must be approved by this committee before being brought before the full Student Senate. For more information about the funding process, please review the following document: Applying for Student Government Funding.

Members of the Finance Committee:

  1. Michaela Christman
  2. Ben Day
  3. Mason Dial
  4. Bryan Groves
  5. Ashley Moore
  6. Emma Nelson
  7. Alexandra Pfost
  8. Bryan Pennington
  9. Hunter Reedy
  10. Brian Stein
  11. Dylan G. Vogel