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Meet the Director

Women’s Studies Director 

Laura Michele Diener

Laura Michele Diener is delighted to be the new Director of Women’s Studies. She  has studied at Vassar College, Cambridge University, the Ohio State University, and the Vermont College of Fine Arts. As an associate professor of ancient and medieval history here at Marshall, she studies strange and fascinating cultures of the past, all of which have led her to intimate acquaintances with truly great women–Hildegard von Bingen, Heloise, Sappho, Gudrun Thorbjornsdatter, Cleopatra, Hrothwitha of Gandersheim, women whose creative and intellectual achievements continue to inspire in the twenty-first century. Previous directors of Women’s Studies Greta Rensenbrink, Kat Williams, and Wendy Williams have also proved inspirational to her and she is excited to follow their stellar examples and to continue the Women’s Studies program’s tradition of community activism and academic excellence.  Interested students and prospective students at any level should feel free to contact her with questions regarding Women’s Studies classes, the Minor, the Graduate Certificate, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities.






Dr. Laura Michele Diener
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