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Graduate Student Info

Women’s Studies Graduate Certificate

Graduate Brochure

A graduate certificate in Women’s Studies brings together advanced formal study for students who have undergraduate degrees in Women’s Studies and related fields. This certificate also provides an educational dimension for working professionals in many fields.

The Women’s Studies Certificate at Marshall University offers an interdisciplinary perspective for graduate students, placing an emphasis on the study of women’s contemporary and historical position in society.

The purposes of the program are to develop and coordinate an Interdisciplinary curriculum, and to support critical research focused on gender, race, class, and sexuality. The program supports and sponsors both on and off campus events relevant to women’s social, cultural and political Issues with a strong sense of commitment to women In the Appalachian region.

This certificate can meet the needs of:

  • Students anticipating graduate work in a professional program.
  • Students anticipating graduate work in an academic field.
  • Students anticipating graduate work in Women’s Studies.
  • Students anticipating employment in a field that requires (or would benefit from) a background knowledge of culture and society.
  • Students who want to pursue knowledge of Women’s Studies for their own interests.

Enrollment Information

  • B.A. or B.S. degree from an accredited undergraduate institution.
  • Apply to both the Marshall University Graduate College and to the certificate program.
  • Students who wish to pursue degree and certificate programs concurrently should complete the application to the degree program.
  • Transfer credit: 6 hours maximum
  • Graduate courses in Women’s Studies taken at Marshall University within the last two years may be counted toward the certificate.
  • The program will accept a maximum of 6 hours of transfer credits

Women’s Studies Certificate (18 hours)

Interdisciplinary Core Classes (6 hours)

HST 636:  Seminar in Women’s History
A reading and research course in which the student investigates selected topics related to the history of women in America or Europe.

SOC 655: Feminist Social Theory
Diverse theoretical perspectives on the origins and nature of gender inequality. Emphasis on contemporary debates and their political implications.

SOC 6xxx: Sociology of Sex and Gender

(Substitutions of graduate seminars may be possible upon application)

Capstone Experience (3 hours)

HUMN 680: Independent Research Seminar. This research colloquium affords students the opportunity to complete independent research under the guidance of faculty mentors teaching in the certificate program. Seminar meetings allow students to share research and examine issues arising from the research. The completed research is shared in a public symposium.

Electives (6 hours)

ART 504: Iconography of Mary

ANT 572: Language, Gender, and the Body

CJ 506: Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Crime

CL 560: Ancient Goddess Religions

COUN 616: Domestic Violence

CULS 620: Women, Men and Cultural Change

EDF 631: Gender and Education

ENG 521: American Literature to 1830

HST 507: History of Sexuality

HST 518: Twentieth Century US Women’s History

JMC 555: Women, Minorities, and Media

PSC 519: Women and Political Thought

PSC 542: Politics of Welfare

PSY 530: Psychology of Women and Gender

SOC 555: Sociology of Sex and Gender

SOC 606: Quantitative Research Methods & Analysis


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