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Student Leadership Programs

Hall Council

Hall Council is a student-run organization in each residential community advised by the community’s Residence Director and Assistant Residence Director. There are five hall councils from the following communities: First Year Residence Halls, Twin Towers East, Twin Towers West, Holderby, Buskirk, and Marshall Commons. Hall council members represent their residential communities at the General Assembly meetings of the Residence Hall Association executive board and provide programming initiatives within their communities. Hall Councils are formed at the beginning of the academic year. Contact your RD or ARD to get involved.

National Residence Hall Honorary

National Residence Hall Honoroary (NRHH) is a leadership-based honorary composed of exemplary residence hall students who value service and recognition. Marco Lodges Chapter is named for Hodges and Laidley Halls, two former historic residence halls on Marshall’s campus. Recruitment occurs every semester with recognition and service programs held throughout the year.

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Residence Hall Association

The Marshall University Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student-run organization advised by residence life staff dedicated to enhancing the residence hall experience. Residence Hall Association implements fun programs and engages in advocacy. RHA serves as the voice of the residential students to the Housing and Residence Life Office, Marshall University Student Government, faculty, administrators, dining services, and other relevant parties. RHA members are elected each spring and serve a one year term which begins at the conclusion of the spring semester. RHA General Assembly meetings are open to all residence hall students.