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Patsy Stephenson



The James E. Morrow Library at Marshall University became a selective depository library in 1925. We are the second largest federal depository for government publications in the state of West Virginia.

Federal Depository Library

Who We Serve

This department serves the educational and informational needs of Marshall University students and the citizens of the 3rd Congressional District. We do this by selecting, processing, organizing and providing free access to a wide variety of U.S. government publications — print and non-print items.

Classification System

Federal documents are kept in the Superintendent of Documents classification system. This means that documents are arranged by publishing agency, NOT by subject like the rest of Marshall University Libraries collections.


Our holdings include paper documents, microforms, maps, atlases, video tapes, kits and CDs. We also provide easy access and links from our website to a large number of government information sources, federal agencies websites and many other useful databases and web accessible resource tools (see Online Resources).


Not all of the government publications housed in the Drinko Library can be found on the Library Catalog — so be sure to check the MarciveWeb DOCS database or paper copy of the Monthly Catalog as well.