School Library Media Graduate Program

Schedule of Classes

Certificate/Area of Emphasis for School Library Media Specialist 21 hours
ITL 501 Libraries & the Learning Process Fall 3 hours
ITL 502 Library Materials for Adolescents Smr 3 hours
ITL 504 Library Materials for Children Smr 3 hours
ITL 625 Library Organization & Administration Fall 3 hours
ITL 627 Cataloging and Reference for School Librarians Spr 3 hours
ITL 631 Technology & the Library Spr 3 hours
ITL 650 Library Practicum Fall, Spr 3 hours
Core Courses Required for Masters of Education Seekers 15 hours
EDF 621, or
EDF 625
Educational Research & Writing, or
Qualitative Research in Education
Fall, Spr, Smr
3 hours
EDF 616, or
EDF 619
Advanced Studies in Human Development, or
Educational Psychology
Fall, Spr, Smr
Fall, Spr, Smr
3 hours
CIEC 534, or
CIEC 600, or
CEIC 635
Applications Software in Classroom Curriculum Area, or
Instructional Design and Technology, or
Using the Internet in the Classroom
Fall, Spr, Smr
Fall, Spr, Smr
3 hours
*ITL 502 Library Materials for Adolescents Smr 3 hours
EDF 612 Educational Evaluation Fall, Spr, Smr 3 hours
Capstone Experience 3 hours
**CI 690 Capstone Experience Fall, Spr, Smr 3 hours
Total Hours: 36 hours

Contact Information

Dr. Kimberly McFall