MU Bulk Mail Guide

Start planning at least ONE MONTH prior to the day you need to mail your item(s):
Decide how your mail can be sent out.
The Following Materials Must Be Mailed As First-Class Mail:
  • Bills and checks
  • Statements of account
  • Handwritten materials
  • Typewritten materials
  • Personal correspondence
What materials can be mailed Standard “Bulk” Mail?
  • Circulars
  • Advertisements
  • Solicitations for donation
  • Newsletters
  • Merchandise
  • Printed matter
Standard “Bulk” Mail Requirements:
1)      Consist of 200 or more identical pieces or 50 pounds or more per mailing.
2)      Weigh less than 3.5 ounces for letters and less than 16 ounces for flats. 
3)      Must be sorted into zip-code order and placed in labeled mail trays or tubs. (This can be sorted before you print your labels).
4)      Needs a Marshall University return address.
5)      Must have permit imprint on the piece of mail. (You can get a rubber stamp from us to use or have it printed directly on envelopes or on the pieces you are mailing).
6)      Must have an accurate count by:
A)    Local – number to zip-codes beginning with 255,256, and 257 (these go for a cheaper rate)
B)                 Mixed – all others
7)      Paper work must be completed (4 copies – 2 with original signatures for US Post Office, 1 for Mail Services, and 1 for mailer).
8.)      Meet Move Update requirements through a third party vendor, the following services:
A)    NCOA Certification – Verifies that the address is correct for the person to meet upcoming US Postal regulations.
B)     Cass Certification – Formats the addresses to meet upcoming US Postal regulations.
C)     Bar-coding – Allows for mail to go at a better discount (the mail becomes Automated verses Non-Automated) and will meet upcoming US Postal regulations.
These are our local third party vendors:
Automated Mailing Services Inc.:
MU Banner Vendor ID 550717455
Contact: Dawn Norman
(877) 383-0159, 304-522-0159 or fax 304-522-0357
Send List to:  
Web page: 
845 Jackson Ave, Huntington, WV 25704 
Champion Output Solutions:
MU Banner Vendor ID 550717455
Contact: Kenny Lore
304-720-0343 or fax 304-720-0348.
Web page:  
120 Hills Plz, Charleston, WV 25387 
1503 Madison Ave, Huntington, WV 25704
Third party vendors also provide other services including stuffing and sealing envelopes, providing and applying tabs (to seal folded items without envelopes), spraying on mailing labels, sorting and processing (bundling, putting in trays, tagging) for the post office, and delivery to the post office.
Second, the mailer (you) must certify that all information furnished is accurate, truthful and complete; and that the mail and supporting documentation comply with all postal standards. Also, you must ensure that the mailing qualifies for the rate and fees claimed, and that the mailing does not contain any matter prohibited by law or postal regulation.
Finally, we require that all departments must obtain copies of the following information from the vendor. In addition to obtaining these copies, you need to provide additional copies of this information to MU Mail Services for every mailing. We require these documents in case we are audited by the US Post Office:
1)      Valid MU Mail Code printed on each piece for billing purposes
2)      Sample of mail piece being mailed
3)      Signed Postage Statement from vendor
4)      Cass Summary Report
5)      NCOA Report showing
A)    Presort Database Version
B)     Presort Database Date
C)     Postal Coding Date
D)    Postal Coding Database Expires
E)     PAVE Approval Date
F)      Address Correction Information
6)      Presort Documentation
Shipping Information by Class:
Class of Mail
Free Forwarding
or Return
Special Services 
Presort Discounts
Express Mail
70 lbs or less
1-2 Days
Priority Mail
70 lbs or less
1-3 Days
First-Class Mail – Letters
3.5oz or less
1-3 Days
First-Class Mail – Flats
13 oz or less
1-3 Days
First-Class Mail – Parcels
13 oz or less
1-3 Days
Standard Mail
70 lbs or less
2-8 Days
Only for parcels
Package Services
70 lbs or less
2-8 Days


Marshall University Mail Services does NOT prepare mailings! We do carry the US Post Office supplies needed so you may prepare your own mailing.
Draft (layout/design) the item(s) and be prepared to articulate a description (type, size, quantity, etc.) of the final product and mailing.
The return address on the item must read:
(Insert Department Name)
Marshall University
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755-(Insert Mail Code)
NOTE: Check with Mail Services to insure valid mail code is being used.


The bulk mail permit number box must read:
US Postal Service provides us with help in designing the layout of our mailings. All must meet standards and be approved by U.S. Postal Services. A Mail-piece Design Analyst is available to help you meet those requirements. 
We have a Business Reply Permit also. This is for when you wish to have something returned back to you and you pay the return postage. Business Reply Envelopes may be purchased from Printing Services. Printing Services can custom print these for your department (do not attempt to print these yourself they must meet USPS regulations) or you can get the generic version but you must add your return address and mail code as the return address (this is for billing purposes).
NOTE: Make sure the Business Reply (only) mailing address reads:
(Insert Department Name – mail code)
Marshall University
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25701-(9942 for a postcard) or (9949 for a letter)
You should also place your return address and mail code in the return address spot (this is for billing purposes).
This helps resolve some forthcoming issues we anticipate concerning Standard “Bulk” and First Class Permit mail.
Ancillary Service Endorsement
Ancillary Service Endorsement information: Move Update requirements apply for Standard Mail, the following endorsements are available – Address Service Requested, Forwarding Return Service Requested; Return Service Requested, and Change Service Requested.   
NOTE: ‘Forwarding Service Requested’ is not an acceptable endorsement for the ‘Move Update’ requirement.
·         Address Service Requested, if a person moves and has filed a change of address, the mail-piece will be forwarded to them and you receive a hard copy address correction for $0.50. The only thing I would caution you on, with this endorsement, is when a mail-piece is returned to you, let’s say if there was no forwarding order on file, or if it was past the 12 months of forwarding time, or the piece was undeliverable for any other reasons,    When the piece is returned, it is charged the First-Class (FC) postage rate times a weighted factor of 2.472.    So, if you sent a piece that is less than 1 ounce, currently, it would be $0.44 x 2.472 = $1.09.
·         Return Service Requested, the mail-piece is returned at the applicable First-Class postage rate.   So, if a piece is less than 1 ounce, it would be returned to you with the new address or reason for non-delivery at $0.44.
·         Change Service Requested, US Postal Services does not forward or returns the mail-piece. US Postal Services will send an address correction for $0.50.
When discussing the mailing, you must clearly indicate the type and size of the item(s), the quantity, and what type of stuffing or sealing services you will need.   Items that are no more than 11 1/2 inches long and 6 1/8 inches high are considered letters. Anything larger is considered a non-letter.
Note: To ensure clarity, it is recommended that you also provide Vendors with written instructions regarding your mailing as well as a sample of the final product (i.e. an addressed envelope containing all enclosures).
If your mailing is coded, make sure that you discuss this with vendor when providing instructions. Do not assume that if you organize the enclosures in the order to match the mailing list provided that they will correspond with your coding once mailed.
Contact Marshall University’s Operations Coordinator for Mail Services Leonard Lovely at 304-696-2485 or Lead Postal Worker Amanda Standifur at 304-696-6644 for you to provide postage cost estimate to MU Mail Services. MU Mail Services needs to make sure we have adequate time (at least a month prior) to insure that there is enough money available to cover the mailing cost. At the end of each month, once we receive the postage statements from the USPS, MU Mail Services will invoice for the final postage cost to be paid by the appropriate mail code and fund.
Proof & Finalize & Produce: Make sure at least one other co-worker has proofed the item(s). Make any necessary final edits. Send necessary files to the vendor.
Follow up with vendor.
·         Deliver mailing to vendor or call with expected delivery date. Note: Do not send too many extra items (allow for 10% overage for spoilage).
·         Email to vendor a copy of your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing information for mailing labels.  This spreadsheet must be formatted such that it can be mail merged. This means that your data must be organized in rows with no blank rows or columns within the list. 
·         Secure the completed forms that must be provided to MU Mail Services.
·         Vendor should provide you with a separate invoice for its services.
·         MU Mail Services will be billing you for the final postage used on the permit with your regular postage on your monthly bill.
Provide MU Mail Services the forms that were completed and submitted by vendor.
Ensure that notes are made of suggestions for next mailing.
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