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Student Mail Contact Numbers

Marshall University Mail Services only handles United States Postal Services mail does NOT usually handle the mail for the dorms (only if miss addressed).

Dorm mail is distributed by Residence Service staff in each dorm.

Anything sent through other couriers (Fed Ex, UPS, DHl, ect.) if not delivered directly to the dorm would be delivered to Shipping and Receiving.

Important numbers:

Shipping and Receiving-304-696-6678

Residence Services —–304-696-6765

Freshman Dorms———304-696-3362

Twin Towers East——–304-696-3184

Twin Towers West——-304-696-2421

Holderby Hall—————304-696-6697

Buskirk Hall—————-304-696-2576

Willis Hall——————-304-696-6340

Wellman Hall————–304-696-6341

Gibson Hall—————–304-696-6342

Haymaker Hall————304-696-6343