E-Certified Instructions

Attention Certified Mailers:



E-Certified Mail Instructions

  1. Go to https://ecertify.connect-suite.com
  2. Click on My Queue
  3. Click on Create Tracking #
  4. Select a Profile – letter size
  5. Enter address (You can do a mail merge the data spreadsheet to labels so you can copy and paste from the labels)
  6. Click on validate address
  7. Click on update address
  8. Select letter under Calculate Postage
  9. Pages – select # of pages
  10. Save
  11. Click on Create Tracking # to add the next address following instructions above
  12. When finished entering all addresses
  13. Go to the bottom of the page and select all
  14. At the top of the page click on Download Banner Pages (print actual size not shrink to fit)
  15. The Banner pages will be folded with your letters and should show through the windows of the envelope
  16. Click on submit to USPS
  17. At the right of the page you will see 3 icons that look like books
  18. Print the Postal Report icon and send with your mailing so USPS can scan


Look over the information then give me a call and I will walk you through how to do an E-Certified then if we have problems we will get together in person and go through it.

Also, I can set others up in your office as users and they can log in the same way, if they cannot let me know I may need to add them.

You will need to use special window envelopes.

Please let me know what type of envelopes you need and how many.

#10 envelopes are $0.12 each

6 x 9 envelopes are $0.16 each

9.5 x 12 envelopes are $0.36 each

  • NOTE: Prices are subject to change

These charges will be added to your postage account.

If you need further help, please let me know.


Leonard Lovely

Operations Coordinator

Marshall University Mail Services

One John Marshall Drive

Huntington, WV 25755

T: 304-696-2485

F: 304-696-3232

E: lovely@marshall.edu