E-Certified Instructions

Attention Certified Mailers:

The process for sending certified mail at Marshall University has changed effective Monday, April 26, 2010.   Instead of the Post Office round dating the green and white certified receipt, Marshall University Mail Services will be processing all Certified mail as E-Certified.


                                                                                                                                                           Peel off top number for your records!



Example of new label:





Certified and Return Receipt Fees

E-Certified and Return Receipt Fees







As you see in the above chart, you will now save $1.20 on each E-Certified and you will be able to get information directly from the US Post Office sent to your e-mail.  You will need to obtain new E-Certified numbers from MU Mail Services and destroy all old type of Certified numbers with the attached receipt. You also will not need the green return receipt cards for E-Certified.


The new steps are as follows:

1)      Prepare your item to be mailed as usual, except you will use the new E-Certified number on the outside of the item.

2)      Take the top peel off number and attach it to the copy of the paperwork you keep for your records so you will have record of the E-Certified number.

3)      Wait for 2 days after sending mail piece to Mail Services

4)      You will then logon to the US Postal web site http://www.usps.com

A)     Go to the Track and Confirm section (should be on the right near the top).

B)      Type the E-Certified number in the box and hit enter.

C)      Scroll down to notification section toward the bottom of the screen.

1)      Choose option “Track and Confirm by e-mail”, which is an online feature that saves you time by allowing the United States Postal Service® to send current delivery status information on your mail piece.

A)      Fill in all requested information.

B)      You may request information be sent up to 3 different e-mails.

C)      Hit submit or enter.

5)      You will receive e-mail notification of delivery of mail piece.

6)      After receiving the e-mail. Follow Step 4 A, B, C then;

1)       Choose option “Electronic Return Receipt”, which includes the recipient's name and a copy of their signature.

2)      Fill in all requested information.

3)      Hit submit or enter.

7)      The US Post Office will then send you “Electronic Return Receipt” information.

8)      This information will be on file and available from the US Post Office for 2 years (updated every Monday).

9)      The information will also be on file and available from Pitney Bowes (updated every Tuesday) for 7 years and can be requested through MU Mail Services.


If you need any further information or instruction, please call Mail Services at 304-696-2485.