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Dance/Prom Policy

  • The organization shall assume all responsibility for the repair or replacement of damaged University property.
  • Marshall University Police officers are required and will enforce all University regulations and state laws. Payment for officers is the responsibility of the reserving party.
  • All food and/or beverages must be provided by Sodexo Catering Service.
  • Officers, advisers, and members of the sponsoring organization will be held responsible for the conduct of all persons attending. Any damages that might occur will be assessed to the sponsoring group.
  • Under no circumstances may beer or any alcoholic beverage be taken into the room.
  • It is the group’s responsibility to enforce University rules and regulations. They are responsible for confronting individual violators of University policies (with the assistance of Marshall University Police officers) and asking the violators to leave if necessary.
  • There will be an extra charge levied to the sponsoring organization when an excessive amount of cleaning is required to return the area used to a condition adequate for further use.
  • If there is an admission charge, and/or the sponsored event is closed to the University community, the specific applicable room rate is charged.

An organization’s failure to comply with these policies will result in the loss of the organization’s scheduling privileges in the Memorial Student Center.

The stairway may be decorated. Decorations may be affixed to the stairway with string or zip ties.  You may not use tape, staples, or tacks.  The use of glitter or confetti is not permitted. Decorations may not be hung from the ceiling without prior approval and assistance from the Facilities Scheduling Office. At the conclusion of your event, your group is responsible for the removal of all decorations, string, lights, wire, etc. Tape, glue, thumbtacks and push pins are not permitted.  Cleanup of the room or band/DJ breakdown must be completed by the end time of the event.  Failure to depart from the premises by building closing time will result in an after-hours charge being invoiced. All groups are responsible for removing all decorations including boxes, paper, table cloths, and leftover food (except those provided by Sodexo) at the end of their event.