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Use of Marshall University Facilities

Use of Marshall University facilities is governed by MU Board of Governors Policy FA-4.

Campus organizations are expected to use University property responsibly.  Officers and adviser of the sponsoring organization are responsible for enforcement of all rules and regulations of Marshall University and the Marshall University Board of Governors as outlined in the Marshall University Student Handbook and/or the Greenbook.  An inspection of the premises by Public Safety personnel prior to and immediately following an event may be requested.  The cost for replacement of or repair to any damaged University property will be billed to the organization or person renting the space. Neither Marshall University nor the Marshall University Board of Governors shall be responsible for any loss or damage to equipment or property.  Any equipment of the user remaining on the premises for more than ten (10) days shall be considered abandoned and may be disposed of by the Manager of Facilities Scheduling as he/she deems fit.

No signs are to be posted on university premises without prior written approval of the Manager of Facilities Scheduling.  Materials such as tape, nails, hooks, adhesive fasteners, tacks, or screws are prohibited.  The Manager of Facilities Scheduling has the right to refuse permission to use any materials, devices, or procedures which might cause injury or bodily harm.

Marshall University is a non-smoking campus.  Use of any tobacco product or e-cigarette is prohibited on campus.  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed without permission of the President of the university or his designee.  Illegal substances are strictly forbidden.

No parties using Marshall University facilities shall discriminate against any citizen of the United States or any person within the jurisdiction thereof, on the grounds of race, color, age, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, sex, or handicap.

Organizations sponsoring dances or events with an estimated attendance of one hundred (100) are required to hire a minimum of two (2) Marshall University Police officers.  (Exceptions to this policy may be granted if the organization’s adviser or approved designee will be in attendance.  One officer and the adviser/designee will be required in lieu of two officers. Officers are to be paid by the organization.  Arrangements for officers will be confirmed by the Director of Public Safety, Welcome Center Building, 304-696-4357. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate cancellation of the event and action through the Director of Judicial Affairs.

Computer laboratories on the Marshall University campus are not available for use by off-campus groups or individuals.  Computer laboratories are for academic use, institutional use and staff development training for faculty and staff.  Marshall University conference groups may reserve these facilities as long as it is not indirect conflict with regular programs offered by the institution and are specifically intended to support the overall mission and purpose of the conference program.