Women’s Studies

About Women’s and Gender Studies

Marshall University’s Women’s and Gender Studies program envisions a world that affirms equality among people, where the vitality of a community can be measured by the extent to which all of its members can fully participate and contribute, regardless of gender, sexuality or other barriers.

This program strives to offer quality, multi-method and interdisciplinary courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, supporting a curriculum that allows students to enhance intellectual and personal growth, develop an understanding of the unique contributions of and challenges faced by women, and interpret the human experience through a critical analysis of citizenship, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexuality and social class.


The Women’s and Gender Studies program seeks, through educational programs and outreach, to broaden the knowledge, understanding and awareness of issues relating to gender and inequality, within the university and larger community.


The Women’s and Gender Studies program supports research and action to ameliorate sexism and inequality and to promote social justice and the equitable treatment of all members of society.

Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies

The Women’s Studies graduate certificate is offered through the Humanities Program at the Marshall University Graduate School.

About the Minor

Students must take the course, WS 101 (offered every semester), and any other nine hours in courses designated as Women’s Studies, including both regularly offered courses and special topic courses.

Selected Electives

New courses are offered every semester. Options have included:

  • WS 101: Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • ANT 481: Language, Gender and the Body
  • ART 404: Iconography of Mary
  • CL 231: Women in Greek and Roman Literature
  • CJ 405: Women in Criminal Justice
  • CJ 540: The Criminal Justice Response to Domestic Violence
  • ENG 242: Women Writers
  • HST 250: Women in U.S. History
  • HST 407: History of Sexuality
  • HST 467: History of Fashion and Textiles
  • JMC 455: Race, Gender, and the Media
  • PHL 363: Philosophy of Feminism
  • PSC 419: Women and Political Thought
  • PSY 330: Human Sexual Behavior
  • PSY 430: Psychology of Women and Gender
  • SOC 408: The Family
  • SOC 455: Sociology of Sex and Gender
  • SPN 408: Latin American Women
  • JPN 304: Pre-modern Japanese Literature

How to declare a Women’s and Gender Studies Minor


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