ID Products

The WV ATC provides, upon request, two products that support individuals with ASD in communicating about themselves with others —

Identification Cards:

ID cards may be carried on one’s person and includes information such as name, address, contact numbers, date of birth, communication ability, and medical needs. Additional space to alert others to “fears and dislikes,” along with “calming strategies,” known to best help are also included. “I have autism and may need some supports,” is written on the front base of the card. The ID Card looks similar to a driver’s license in size and quality.

All About Me:

The All About Me documents are designed to provide detailed information about the individual with ASD in handout form. Details such as the individual’s name, nickname, birthdate, parents’ name and contact information are included, along with “activities I do and do not like to do.” Goals are listed, along with support strategies.