How to Register for Direct Services

The West Virginia Autism Training Center exists to support West Virginians diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as they pursue a life of quality. Support is provided through Direct Service and Technical Assistance efforts. Generally, technical assistance refers to providing consultation or specialized supports to schools and other entities that teach or otherwise support those with ASD, and direct service refer to supports designed to meet the individual needs of a registered client.

Individuals must register with the center to access direct services.

How to Register with WV ATC:

Questions can be addressed by calling 304-696-2840 and asking for Kelly Vance the Intake Coordinator.

Step #1: Registration

The WV ATC serves West Virginians diagnosed with ASD, regardless of age. The registration process must be initiated by the individual diagnosed with an ASD, or by his or her parent or legally recognized caregiver.

To receive a registration form please call 304-696-2840 and ask for Kelly Vance the Intake Coordinator. The Coordinator will take your name and address, talk briefly with you about necessary paperwork, then mail you a registration form.

Step #2: Clarifying Information

The registrant should complete the registration packet within a two week time period and return it via US mail along with a copy of a clinical diagnostic report confirming a diagnosis of ASD. Once the completed registration form is received, the Intake Coordinator will contact you to gather some preliminary information and answer any of your questions. The information submitted will be used to determine eligibility of services.

Step #3: Determining Eligibility

The following qualifications must be met to receive services:

  • The registrant must have a clinical diagnosis of Autistic Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), Asperger’s Disorder, or Autism Spectrum Disorder;
  • The diagnosis must be provided by a licensed clinical psychologist or a medical doctor. A psychological assessment conducted by a school psychologist or other school therapists cannot be accepted as part of the registration;
  • If the registrant is a minor, his or her parent or legally recognized caregivers must reside in West Virginia. If the registrant is a legally competent adult, the registrant must reside in West Virginia.

Step #4: Needs Assessment

Once the registration and eligibility determination processes are complete, the registration form is sent to the Family Liaison. The Family Liaison will schedule a telephone needs assessment with you and help establish an appropriate level of service.