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The Video Production Program encourages all internship employers to consider paying students earning academic credit for an internship at least a stipend covering the cost of course enrollment.

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Internship Requirements for VP majors

All Video Production majors must complete a hands-on, discipline-based apprenticeship/internship (to be referred to as “internship”) experience during their course of study. This internship should be taken in the Junior or Senior (preferred) year, toward the end of a student’s education so as to be more prepared for the work experienced in the internship. The internship must be related to the course of study and the company/organization providing the internship should be a reputable, approved company or firm (approved via the internship application process, see below). Internships are required to be 100 total hours (but may exceed this as required by your employer).

Students should discuss their preferred internship opportunity with one of their video production faculty members to ensure it is acceptable for fulfilling the internship requirement prior to filling out the Internship Application. Once approved , they should register for AM490.

Internships also require an informational interview as well. You will be expected to research and connect with a person you respect in the field and want to learn more from. This is your opportunity to make an impression and find out more about their career path so that it can help you inform your own choices. Never too soon to make connections that will serve you for years to come!

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Internship Resources

Marshall University Career Services provides students with an abundance of resources to help you in the next steps of your college career and into the work force.  Career Services is opened Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome. You can also contact them at 304-696-2370 or at

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