Video Production Program

Vision Statement

Marshall University’s Video Production major presents a unique opportunity for students to pursue an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree that spans the four Schools within the College of Arts and Media; Art and Design, Journalism and Mass Communication, Music, and Theatre. Expanding interest in moving images across disciplines positions Video Production majors at the fore of this exciting field. Courses in cinematography/photography, writing, acting, directing, audio production/mixing, post-production, and internships, prepare students for employment beyond the classroom. These practices are interdisciplinary by nature, drawing from diverse research and techniques in order to deliver creative content. This creative content communicates a variety of messages ranging from the vision of the experimental auteur to the message of documentary journalism. ​Technical instruction works in conjunction with existing methods of scholarship to produce compelling media content with high production values. Students gain technical and critical thinking skills through journalistic and artistic video production that is applicable to the expanding media market.

BA In The Arts Allows Flexibility