What Will I Study?

The video production program at Marshall University engages students in the creation, production and post-production of narrative, documentary and experimental styles of video through an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree that spans the four Schools within the College of Arts and Media; Art and Design, Journalism and Mass Communication, Music, and Theatre. Students learn to tell powerful stories utilizing the tools and techniques of filmmaking. Courses teach cinematography, documentary research, motion graphics/animation, screenwriting, acting, directing, sound design, and internships which prepare students for a rapidly growing job market in video production.

Current Required Courses

The latest course requirements for incoming students can be found here (PDF)

Any current students will need to refer to the Undergraduate Catalog that matches the year in which they started the program. Look for College of Arts and Media, then College of Arts and Media Interdisciplinary Program, where you will find the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Video Production. Here you will find the specific requirements of the major itself.

Course Descriptions

The following courses are offered as part of the Video Production program.  Please refer to the official 4-year plan for your catalog year to determine which of these will be required for completing your degree.

Art Classes

ART 101 - Visual Culture and Research
ART 219 - Gaze/Animate: Digital Images
ART 325 - Image Visualization: Digital Techniques
ART 423 - Photographic Lighting
ART 453 - Advanced Digital Media
ART 454 - Designing for Multimedia
ART 489 - Graphic Design Portfolio

Journalism Classes

JMC 101 - Media Literacy
JMC 221 - Advertising and Continuity Writing
JMC 332 - Introduction to Video Production
JMC 432 - AD/PR Video
JMC 475 - Documentary Journalism

Theatre Classes

THE 240 - Introduction to Stage Lighting
THE 245 - Introduction to Technical Theatre
THE 250 - Introduction to Costuming
THE 437 - Directing I

Music Classes

MUS 219 - Music Technology II

Video Production Specific Classes

AM 299 - Portfolio Review
AM 490 - Internship
AM 498 - Senior Pre-Capstone
AM 499 - Capstone