What Will I Study?

The video production program at Marshall University engages students in the creation, production and post-production of narrative, documentary and experimental styles of video through an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree that spans the four Schools within the College of Arts and Media; Art and Design, Journalism and Mass Communication, Music, and Theatre. Students learn to tell powerful stories utilizing the tools and techniques of filmmaking. Courses teach cinematography, documentary research, motion graphics/animation, screenwriting, acting, directing, sound design, and internships which prepare students for a rapidly growing job market in video production.

Current Required Courses

Video Production Curriculum and Four Year Plan 2023-24 (PDF)

Any current students will need to refer to the Undergraduate Catalog that matches the year in which they started the program. Look for College of Arts and Media, then College of Arts and Media Interdisciplinary Program, where you will find the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Video Production. Here you will find the specific requirements of the major itself.

Course Descriptions

The following courses are offered as part of the Video Production program.  Please refer to the official 4-year plan for your catalog year to determine which of these will be required for completing your degree.

Art Classes

ART 101 – Visual Culture and Research. 3 hrs. Introduction to the functions of art applications of media, elements, and principles of design, artists, and aesthetics.

ART 219 – Foundations: Frame/Time. 3 hrs. Introduction to digital/film photography in one half-semester workshop and 4D design principles/video-based processes in another. Students will develop visual, technical, and critical thinking skills by solving conceptual problems.

ART 325 – Image Visualization: Digital Techniques. 3 hrs. ART 325 is an exploration of color photography using digital techniques. Students will refine their personal vision using digital cameras, lighting and digital imaging software.

ART 423 – Photographic Lighting. 3 hrs. Advanced course for students who have completely mastered the basics of photography. Covers basic studio setup, creative use of the studio situation in portraits, still life and photo illustration.

ART 453 – Motion Design I. 3hrs. Introductory topics in time/based media. Topics may include motion design, animation, video compositing, sound design, interactive design, data visualization, digital storytelling, or related subjects.

ART 454 – Motion Design II. 3hrs. Advanced topics in time-based media. Topics may include motion design, animation, video compositing, sound design, interactive design, data visualization, digital storytelling, or related subjects.

ART 489 – Graphic Design Portfolio. 2 hrs. This course will cover the preparation of a professional graphic design portfolio for presentation upon graduation. Included will be a resume development, print-work, and multimedia components.

Journalism Classes

JMC 101 – Media Literacy. 3 hrs. Examines structures and functions of mass media and newspapers, magazines, broadcast journalism, broadcasting, advertising and public relations. Designed to provide a critical overview of the mass media. Includes guest speakers.

JMC 221 – Advertising and Continuity Writing. 3 hrs. Introduction to advertising and broadcast copy writing. Includes strategy, script formats, persuasion, styles of writing, editing, and industry organization, structures and standards. Many writing assignments.

JMC 332 – Introduction to Video Production. 3 hrs. Introduction to the fundamentals of video production, dealing with cameras, microphones, lighting, staging, field production, editing, post production.

JMC 432 – AD-PR Video Production. 3 hrs. Students will create and produce various informational, promotional, and training video for companies and organizations. Students will learn to make and critique AD-PR videos that inform, persuade, and entertain.

JMC 475 – Documentary Journalism. 3 hrs. Students will view, critique and evaluate the genres of nonfiction storytelling. Students will produce an original 15-minute film to be screened to the public.

Theatre Classes

THE 240 – Stage Lighting I. 4 hrs. This introductory course exposes students to elementary principles, techniques, terminology, and application used by stage electricians to execute theatrical lighting designs. Combined lecture and laboratory instruction links theory with practice.

THE 245 – Introduction to Technical Theatre. 4 hrs. Technical production, scenic construction and stage operations are explore, including critical application of traditional current computer technologies within the profession. Lecture and supervised laboratory application link theory with practice.

THE 250 – Introduction to Costuming. 4 hrs. This introductory course exposes students to the elementary principles, techniques, terminology, materials and application used to realize theatrical costumes. A combination of lecture and laboratory instruction links theory with practice.

THE 437 – Directing I. 3 hrs. Introduction to theories, principles, techniques, and history of directing.

Music Classes

MUS 219 – Digital Recording Techniques. 2 hrs. Concepts, implementation, and utilization of digital audio workstation software and hardware: MIDI, digital audio, recording techniques, production, and using the Internet to empower music creators.

Video Production Specific Classes

AM 299 – Sophomore Review. 0 hrs (CR./NC.) Students present work from major courses for review by video production teaching faculty. Successful completion of 299 is a prerequisite for advancing to additional course work in the major.

AM 490 – Video Internship. 1 hr. For juniors or seniors to gain experience working with industry professionals, to be exposed to, understand, and work towards real deadlines, practice professionalism, and start networking to find a career.

AM 498 – Senior Pre-Capstone. 3 hrs. A preparatory course for AM 499. Students will conceive, plan and start production of a culminating senior video project.

AM 499 – Senior Capstone Project. 3 hrs. A discipline-based experience combining video production capabilities and a range of knowledge outside the field resulting in a culminating senior video project.