Committee Membership


The COEPD CAEP Steering Committee will have an overarching leadership team consisting of the Director of Assessment (Chair), Associate Deans, Student Center of Professional Education Services (S.C.O.P.E.S.) Director, and the Director of Instructional Design and Technology to ensure that the COEPD is providing candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary for high-quality learning experiences within a technologically inclusive environment.  To ensure the COEPD continues to be responsive to themes of diversity and to prepare candidates for employment in diverse professions, a member of the COEPD Diversity and Social Justice Committee will serve on the leadership team.

The leadership team will obtain information from and report information to the COEPD Dean.  Under the auspice of the leadership team, an initial-licensure level and advanced-level program standard bearer will be selected to help coordinate data collection and analysis in support of individual program areas and to fulfill the CAEP Steering Committee responsibilities as listed. An individual external from the University will be requested by the leadership team to assist standard bearers per each CAEP standard.