Committee Responsibilities


  • Monitor the development and implementation of the Quality Assurance System (QAS) to ensure that it utilizes multiple measures and provides valid data;
  • Facilitate and monitor the use of data to set priorities, enhance programs, and improve capacity;
  • Facilitate and monitor the development of an infrastructure that adequately supports data collection and monitoring;
  • Facilitate and monitor stakeholder participation and feedback;
  • Facilitate and monitor the availability of sufficient quality evidence to support the meeting of CAEP and WVBOE standards;
  • Ensure that all available evidence reflects minimal Measurement Error (ME) and meets or exceeds CAEP criteria for quality;
  • Ensure that all EPP assessments that are used to support accreditation efforts meet the CAEP “sufficient” level standards for EPP developed assessments;
  • Provide applicable faculty development/training necessary to support the development of quality evidence;
  • Ensure the availability of and access to the technical support (e.g. data processing, statistical support, data analysis assistance, etc.) necessary to ensure quality evidence;
  • Other responsibilities as they are identified by committee members, the Dean, or as they evolve/emerge from the continuous improvement process.