Level-II Clinicals

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Counting Pumpkin Seeds
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Level II Clinical Experience (CI 470, CI 471, CI 472 and EDF 637) is a 75-hour experience in a public school, where the teacher candidate takes on the role of planning and teaching in the classroom.

The purpose of the level II clinical is to:

  • begin independent planning and execution of lessons/units.
  • connect educational philosophy, research, and theory to his/her own practice.
  • develop classroom management skills.
  • utilize effective methods of instruction, including technology.
  • begin regular reflection by formally examining and critiquing his/her own daily teaching.
  • respond to issues of diversity, considering the needs of students individually as well as collectively.
  • articulate personal beliefs (dispositions) regarding teaching and learning.

Teacher candidates attend a 90-minute to two-hour block, five days a week for the 75-hour period (approximately 8 weeks). Level II requires a minimum of 18 to 20 days teaching including 8-10 day of lesson planning. Placements are made according to the candidate’s field of licensure.

Professional Expectations

As a teacher candidate entering the schools, you are expected to conduct yourself as a practicing professional educator.

You are subject to the same ethical and professional responsibilities of a full-time teacher. Please review the Teacher Candidate Code of Professional Conduct, which includes the dress code and attendance policy for all candidates, prior to entering the classroom.

Level II Student Teaching Clinical Evaluation Form

The Level II Student Teaching Clinical Evaluation Form can be downloaded at the following link: http://www.marshall.edu/coepd/files/Level-II-Evaluation-Form.docx


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