DARCO-Sponsored Scholarship Opportunity: Deadline is Feb. 3

Announcing the SPRING 2017 DARCO-Sponsored, Solution-Oriented, Interdisciplinary Design Project Competition with Marshall University.

Have you ever sprained your ankle, broken a bone in your foot, or had foot surgery? If so, you’ve probably worn a DARCO-brand post-op or rehabilitative boot, brace, sleeve, or splint.

Darco International, a Huntington-based manufacturer and world leader in design of post-op and rehabilitative footwear, will sponsor three interdisciplinary teams of Marshall students during the Spring 2017 semester in a solution-oriented design competition.

Darrel Darby, President of DARCO International, will make a presentation on Wednesday, January 25 at 9:30 am in the Memorial Student Center Room 2W37 to launch the student application period to apply to be part of this project. Darby’s presentation is a key opportunity for students to learn about this sponsored project, to hear the story of DARCO, to personally meeting Darby and to be inspired by his passion for saving lives through the design and technology of rehabilitative footwear.

Eighteen students, six from the School of Art & Design, six from the College of Health Professions and six from the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, will be selected through an application process to form three interdisciplinary teams. The teams will be presented with a problem identified by DARCO International, and over a period not to exceed nine weeks, the student teams will research and develop solutions.

To be eligible, a student must:

  • Be a major in one of the following units: College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, College of Health Professions or the School of Art & Design
  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Complete an application by February 3, 2017. Applications are available online and can be emailed or dropped off to your academic deans.

Participating students will receive orientation and a stipend; and an additional financial prize will be awarded to the students on the team with the best solution as determined by DARCO. Intellectual property remains with DARCO International. Faculty in these colleges are strongly encouraged to share this opportunity with their students.