Graduation and receiving your diploma is the culmination of your time in higher education.  It is not a step to be taken lightly.  The Office of Student Services is responsible for verifying that all graduates complete his/her program requirements as listed in their catalog of record.

Ultimately, meeting your major’s graduation requirements is your responsibility.

There are some very important questions you need to answer prior to submitting your graduation application.

1. Have you met or will you satisfactorily complete your plan of study in the term you want to graduate?

You can use Degree Works on myMU to evaluate your record and to see if you are eligible to apply for graduation. The Office of Student Services also reviews students at both the junior and senior level of each program.  During this evaluation you’ll receive an evaluation of your credits.  Classes needed to complete your  major will be discussed with you during this evaluation.

2. Have you met the minimum number of credits required for your program?

3. Do you have the minimum grade point average required for your program?


Steps to a successful graduation is a handy checklist that will help you plan your graduation.

There are 4 graduation dates each academic year:  May, July, August, and December.  Dates are publicized by the Registrar’s office, the Office of Student Services and included in the Marshall Academic Calendars.

Click here for online graduation instructions 

Undergrad Graduation Application (Use only if you have missed the deadline to submit online)

Graduate Graduation Application (Use only if you have missed the deadline to submit online)