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What are the Steps to Enroll?

Online registration is no more difficult than shopping online or using social media.  You need to have your information (Course Reference Numbers, alternatives, etc) available prior to beginning your registration session.  We recommend that you check the Schedule of Classes on the Registrar’s site for this information.

  • Login to myMU.
  • Click the “School Services” link and then the MILO link.  OR simply click the MILO icon in the top left box where the quick links are available.
  • Click “Student and Financial Aid”, “Registration”, and “Add/Drop Classes”.
  • Continue to follow the prompts on the screen.  On the Add/Drop screen you will be able to enter the 4 digit course reference numbers (CRN) for the classes you want to take.
  • After all numbers are entered, click SUBMIT.
  • If all is well then you will receive a notice that you are enrolled for the semester.  If you have a problem (class closed, pre req error) then you need to correct whatever the error is for that particular class or remove it from your schedule and consult with your adviser.

Note that registration is available to limited groups for specific times. Seniors are given first priority to enroll, followed by juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.  Newly admitted or those returning but not enrolled are the last groups eligible for online registration.  This information is always available from your advisor and the Registrar’s Web site.

Adjust my Schedule?

Simply follow the registration instructions to make adjustments in your schedule.  You may adjust your schedule online until the last Friday of the first week of class.