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Course Substitutions

Course substitutions are classes taken at other colleges or universities that are applied toward your plan of study instead of the Marshall required class.  For example, a student takes PSY 101 from WVU which at Marshall is counted as PSY 1XX.  If the student wants to use PSY 1XX to meet the PSY 201 requirement then he/she must ask for a course substitution.

Course substitution forms must be submitted and approved before entered into your student evaluation in Degreeworks.  To request a course substitution you must:

  • complete a Course Substitution Request form
  • attach or provide via email the course description (electronic version preferred) of the class you would like to use as a substitute
  • meet with your adviser and obtain his/her signature
  • your adviser will ask the department chair to sign the course substitution request.

The signed form will be submitted to the Office of Student Services.  If necessary the course description will be sent to the department chair where the Marshall class is housed.  In our example the description would be sent to the chair of the Psychology department.  If the department agrees that the proposed substitution meets the Marshall class objectives then the substitution will be entered into Degree Works as an exception.