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What classes should I take this semester?

Sometimes the hardest part of going to college is determining which classes to take.  There are several sources available to help you determine which classes you need and which ones you should take.

  • Degree Works  is an audit of your academic record which compares the classes you completed against your major requirements.  Any courses needed are marked with red check boxes.
  • Major Checklists are available on this site.  Checklists are handy tools for determining what you need to complete your major.  Just print your checklist and mark the courses you completed.
  • Plans of study are available for some majors.  Plans of study are simply examples of typical semesters.  Your schedule may vary from the suggested plan.
  • Advisors also have tools available to help you determine what classes you need.  Every junior and senior student is evaluated.  Your advisor may be able to suggest classes for you.