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Determine by grade point average (GPA)?

Calculating your grade point average (GPA) is simple once you gather the information that you need.  The University uses a 4 point scale.

A = 4 points
B = 3 points
C = 2 points
D = 1 points
F = 0 points

Each course is assigned a number of credit hours which can range from 1 – 12.

To determine your GPA simply multiply the value of your letter grade by the credits for each class.
Then total the number of quality points.  Take this total and divide it by the number of credits which you completed.  The result should be a number that ranges from 0 – 4.00 and is your average for that semester.

For example:  Student A completes 15 credits.  She receives an A in PSY 201 (3 credits), a B in ENG 101 (3 credits), a C in FYS 100 (3 credits), an A in MTH 121 (3 credits) and a C in CMM 103 (3 credits).  To calculate her GPA:

4X3 = 12 quality points for PSY 201
3X3 = 09 quality points for ENG 101
2X3 = 06 quality points for FYS 100
4X3 = 12 quality points for MTH 121
2X3 = 06 quality points for CMM 103

Quality Points = 45
Total credits = 15

45/15 = 3.0 term GPA