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Have a HOLD removed?

When attempting to register for classes, you may see a message that states “You may not add or drop classes due to holds on your record.”To find out what type hold is on your record,d click the “Student and Financial Aid” link in MILO  and choose the “Student Records” option. Here you can view academic information, including any holds that have been placed on your account.

Click the “View Holds” link and the following information is listed:

Hold Type
From Date
To Date
Amount (if the hold is payment-related)
Processes Affected.

Some of the information, such as the reason for the hold, may not display. Speak to your adviser regarding the best course of action if the hold is regarding academics.

Examples of holds include:

  • Advising hold – placed by your adviser if you did not meet with her/him prior to registration
  • Admission obligation – if you need to provide the admissions office more information
  • Financial obligation – if you have unpaid parking tickets, library fines, overdue fees, etc.