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Apply for Academic Forgiveness?

Have you ever wanted to just start over academically?  Academic forgiveness gives students who got off to a bad start the chance to begin again.

Criteria for Academic forgiveness

  • Student’s last date of attendance must be at least 5 consecutive years prior to returning to college.
  • The student must apply for academic forgiveness during the semester when he/she returns to college.

Steps for applying for academic forgiveness

  • Student should meet with his/her academic advisor
  • Together, the student and advisor will complete the academic forgiveness application
    • Not every class qualifies for academic forgiveness.  Classes that must be completed as part of the student’s major that are part of the first 60 hours attempted qualify for the D/F repeat policy should not be forgiven.
  • Once the form is completed, the advisor will obtain the required signatures and submit to the Registrar’s Office.

If the forgiveness is approved then the student’s overall and Marshall grade point averages will be recalculated.  The original grades remain on the record but are not included in these calculations.

The decision to grant academic forgiveness remains in effect unless the student changes colleges.  It also does not apply to gpa calculations for graduation with honors or for some major grade averages.  More information about academic forgiveness is available in the undergraduate catalog.