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How do I?

 Access My E-mail?

Marshall University students are issued an MU e-mail address, assigned as If you do not know your Marshall user-name or e-mail address you can look it up using these instructions. The standard for checking Marshall e-mail is through the Marshall University Web Portal, myMU.  Instructions for changing your Marshall password are also provided.

Find my advisor?

Log into your myMU account.  Select the student tab and view your academic profile which includes your adviser’s information.

Prepare for advising?

All College of Health Professions students must meet with his/her adviser prior to registration.  Students assigned to the Student Services Advisers will receive instructions for setting up advising appointments via email.  Those with faculty advisers should contact the adviser for help in setting up advising appointments.

Prior to meeting with your adviser you should:

  • have an idea of what classes you want to take next semester.
  • make a list of questions to ask.
  • bring a copy of your proposed schedule.
Know what classes to take?

Every COHP major has a plan of study available on that major’s webpage.  Links to the plans of study are included on the Student Services webpage.  Degree works is also a good source of information when checking to see what is needed to complete a COHP major.  You may want to print major plan of study and check off classes as you complete them.

Look up classes to add?

Student Services strongly recommends looking up classes using the Schedule of Classes published on the Registrar’s web page.  A listing of classes is also provided on myMU (Select Tab: Student Services & Financial Aid).

Registrar for classes?

Online registration is no more difficult than shopping online or using social media.  You need to have your information (Course Reference Numbers, alternatives, etc) available prior to beginning your registration session.

  • Login to myMU.
  • Click the “School Services” link and then the MILO link.  OR simply click the MILO icon in the top left box where the quick links are available.
  • Click “Student and Financial Aid”, “Registration”, and “Add/Drop Classes”.
  • Continue to follow the prompts on the screen.  On the Add/Drop screen you will be able to enter the 4 digit course reference numbers (CRN) for the classes you want to take.
  • After all numbers are entered, click SUBMIT.
  • If all is well then you will receive a notice that you are enrolled for the semester.  If you have a problem (class closed, pre req error) then you need to correct whatever the error is for that particular class or remove it from your schedule and consult with your adviser.

Note that registration is available to limited groups for specific times.  Typically seniors are given first priority to enroll, followed by juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.  Newly admitted or those returning but not enrolled are the last groups eligible for online registration.  This information is always available from your adviser and the Registrar’s webpage.

Withdraw from a class?

The last date to drop an individual full-term course is the 10th Friday in a regular semester.  Students wishing to withdraw from a class must complete a schedule adjustment form, obtain the course instructor’s signature then take the form to the Registration windows.  For classes taught online or after 4 PM, you’ll need to stop by the Office of Student Services (2nd floor Prichard) for a signature.

Completely withdraw from all classes?

The last date for complete withdrawal from the semester/term is the last regular class day.  Complete withdrawal is defined as dropping all classes.  To totally withdraw you must contact the Registrar’s office or visit the registration windows prior to the last class day.

Adjust my schedule?

Simply follow the registration instructions to make adjustments in your schedule.  You may adjust your schedule online until the last Friday of the first week of class.  After the first week of school you must contact your adviser for assistance in adjusting your schedule.  No schedule adjustments (changing sections, etc) will be processed after the first week of class except for the addition of 2nd 8 week classes when dropping a class takes you below full time.

View my grades?

Both mid term (for freshmen and sophomores) and final grades are posted online.  Grades are available through myMU using MILO on the “Student Services” tab.  If you prefer to have your grades mailed to you then you must submit a request via myMU or in writing to the Office of the Registrar.

Change my major?

Transferring within the College of Health Professions

To change to another COHP major simply inform your adviser of your desire to change via email or by visiting the Office of Student Services in Prichard Hall.  Your adviser can make the change including assigning a different adviser (if needed).  If changing via email be sure to include your student number (901), your current major and your proposed major.

Transferring to a major outside the College of Health Professions

Students who wish to transfer to another college must initiate the request in the office of their current college. Eligibility to transfer or be admitted to a college is established by each college. The dean of the college to which the student is transferring must approve the transfer. Each college’s requirements for admission are listed in the college’s section of the catalog. Students who are not in Good Academic Standing (who do not have a 2.0 Overall and Marshall GPA) may have to remain in their present college until they return to Good Academic Standing.

Exception: Individuals who are returning to the university from one or more years of active military duty may enter the college of their choice, provided they meet that college’s entrance requirements.

Know when to …?

There is a university calendar where most important deadlines are listed.  You may want to review the calendar and note important dates in your personal calendar.  Your course syllabus also typically include a list of due dates.  These should also be included in your personal calendar.

Find a tutor?

Marshall offers a variety of tutoring services for a variety of subjects.

  • Biology Tutoring, Science Building Room 209. Hours vary.
  • Mathematics Tutoring, Smith Hall Room 526. Hours and tutors vary.
  • Tutoring Services is located in Laidley Hall Room 101. Hours and courses vary.
  • Writing Center – 2nd floor Drinko Library.
  • Disabled Student Services, Prichard Hall Room 120