College of Health Professions has mandatory advising for most majors and for all freshmen and sophomores.  Student Services advisers will contact their assigned students prior to the beginning of  semester registration via email with advising scheduling information.  You must follow the directions provided by your assigned adviser.  During registration periods some advisers have appointments, others identify groups with advising dates (EX: Seniors during this time period, etc) while others allow students to simply stop by during business hours.
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Registration/Scheduling Advising
Before you meet with your adviser, you need to take a few minutes to review your plan of study, the available classes, etc.  Advising sessions are limited to 10 – 20 minutes so be prepared.  During the advising session you and your adviser will review your progress towards your degree including completion of the general education classes.  While your adviser may suggest classes that will help you complete your plan of study.  Your adviser will not select specific times or instructors and will not register you for your classes.  The only exceptions are for course overloads and for those students on academic probation.

Planning a Schedule
1. Begin by creating a blank weekly time schedule. Such a schedule may be hand drawn ) or electronic such as this schedule template. Divide the schedule by the days of the week and into time slots. Use as small of time increment as necessary for your time management needs.
2.First insert any weekly commitments without flexible days or times such as work into the schedule.
3.Next insert all the possible days and times of classes you are interested in into the schedule. Do not worry if classes overlap. This step allows you to see all of your possible choices for class scheduling.
4.Then eliminate any classes that simply will not fit into your schedule. For example, if a class you must take is offered only at one time, eliminate all other classes that occur at the same time.
5.Continue eliminating classes until you have one, if not two, schedules that would fit your needs.

Make sure you sign up for classes as soon as possible during your designated registration time to ensure you get the schedule you want.