Are You Ready to Graduate?

Ultimately it is your responsibility to meet the University’s graduation requirements and those of your program. To calculate your hours toward graduation you’ll need the following information.

  • Number of developmental classes (MTH 099) included in total hours earned
  • Number of classes repeated but that are not part of a D/F repeat ( EX:  taking PSY 201 twice with passing grades both times). Only 1 duplicate class counts toward graduation.
  • Hours enrolled for final semester

The simple calculation is:

120 hours needed to graduate (or more if your program requires it)
less developmental classes
less duplicated classes where only 1 counts
= hours applied toward graduation
+ enrolled hours

= 120 (or minimum for your major)


Student A has 6 credits of developmental classes and 3 credits that do not count toward graduation since she took one class twice to improve her grade.  Her major requires 120 credits to graduate.

Her calculation is  120 – 6 developmental credits = 114- 3 duplicated credits = 111 hours toward graduation
Student A is taking 8 hours in her final semester.  She has 111 + 8 or only 119 hours at end of her ‘final’ term so she will not graduate but must delay graduation until she has completed 1 additional credit (if her major requires 120).