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Apply for the D/F repeat rule?

What happens when you suddenly realize that you did not pass or did not meet the passing standard for a required class for your major?

If you earn a grade of D or F within your first 60 attempted hours of college credit then you can repeat the class and have the second grade replace the original in the grade point average calculations.  The policy can only be used one time per class.

Example:  Student A earns a D in BSC 227 which is required for her major during her first 60 attempted hours of college credit.  She repeats the class earning a B.  Completing the D/F repeat form tells the Registrar to replace the D in her grade point average calculation with the B.

Your original grade will be on your record but will be marked as repeated.  If you need to take a class more than 2 times then only the 2nd attempt will be used in the D/F repeat.

D/F repeat forms are available outside the COHP student services offices on the second floor of Prichard Hall.  They should be completed when you enroll in the repeat class and submitted to your advisor.  Your advisor will send the form to the Registrar’s office for processing.