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What are High Demand Courses?


Some courses are required for multiple majors, creating a large demand for space in these courses.  An example, ENG 101 English Composition is required by every major in the university.

Because of this high demand, the University gives everyone one chance to enroll and to complete these classes.  Should a student need to drop these ‘high demand’ classes, they have to wait until everyone who has not previously attempted the class has a chance to enroll.  For Marshall, students who want to repeat a high demand class must wait until the week before the semester begins to enroll.

High demand courses are:

• ACC 215  (3) Principles of Accounting
• BSC 227  (4) Human Anatomy
• ENG 101 (3) English Composition I
• ENG 201 (3) Advanced Composition
• MTH 121 (3) Concepts of Mathematics
• MTH 127 (5) Expanded College Algebra
• MTH 130 (3) College Algebra
• SPN 101 (3) Introductory Spanish I
• SPN 102 (3) Introductory Spanish II