Change my major?

Transferring within the College of Health Professions

To change to another COHP major simply inform your advisor of your desire to change via email or by visiting the Office of Student Services in Prichard Hall.  Your advisor can make the change including assigning a different advisor (if needed).  If changing via email be sure to include your student number (901), your current major and your proposed major.

Transferring to a major outside the College of Health Professions

If you have decided to change your major to one that is not housed in the COHP then simply stop by the Student Services Office, 2nd floor Prichard Hall to complete an inter college transfer request.  Forms are available outside the Student Services offices.  Complete the form, have one of the advisors sign it and take it to your new college.

Alternately you can send an email to your advisor with your 901# asking to be transferred to the new college.  Your advisor can complete the paperwork and send the request to the new college via campus mail.