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Curriculum Committee

COHP Curriculum Committee Meeting Dates will take place prior to the University Curriculum Committee and Graduate Council. View our COHP Spring Curriculum Committee meeting dates.

Material Due Dates: To ensure that your curricular item is placed on the agenda for a particular meeting date, all paper copy and electronic versions must be sent to Zach Garrett, Department of Athletic Training, in Gullickson Hall 108c or by 4:00 p.m. on the Curricular Materials due date indicated below.

  • Please be sure that the Registrar (if necessary) and Dean have signed all forms PRIOR to submission to the COHP curriculum committee. See instructions online at links below for details.
  • Once the curricular materials pass through the COHP Curriculum Committee, paper copies will be returned to the originating department representative present at the meeting to be forwarded to the UCC or Graduate Council. See the UCC site for details or the Graduate Council site.

COHP Spring Curriculum Committee meeting dates